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Employability and Enterprise Support


Employability and Enterprise support is available for any young people who need help getting into employment, education or training.

Inside HideOut’s enterprise suite, young people will be encouraged to dream big and develop their entrepreneurial skills.



An apprenticeship is a combination of working and studying to gain skills and knowledge in a specific job role.

As an apprentice, you will be an official employee of a company who will earn a wage, get holiday pay and other work benefits.
HideOut can support you in finding an employer for your apprenticeship. We can support you throughout your apprenticeship with any guidance in terms of your employment or study.


A job is a paid position of regular employment. There are different types of jobs you can get:

Full-time: between 30-40 hours per week
Part-time: anything less than 30 hours per week
HideOut can support you in finding a job that’s right for you. We can help by creating and updating your CV, supporting your job search, practice interview skills, helping you understand your transferable skills.


Work experience is a short-term unpaid experience of employment that is typically arranged by schools or colleges. It allows you to visit a job so you can understand how a company works and the different roles available.
HideOut can support you to explore your work experience options to find an opportunity that is relevant to you and your interests. If you are looking to build your CV, HideOut can help you arrange work experience outside curriculum (school/college) time.


An employability course is a short course designed to offer professional career advice to help you successfully find a job.
HideOut runs employability courses that will provide you with skills for securing a job. We can help you to understand what employers expect from you and what your expectations should be of them.


An enterprise project will help you build life and work skills that can help you succeed after you leave higher-education.

HideOut run various projects that can help you build your work and life skills. We inspire young people to succeed beyond education through alternative routes.