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About HideOut Youth Zone

We are HideOut Youth Zone, a charity for Manchester’s young people, set up to give them the opportunity to discover their passion and their purpose.

We give young people from a diverse range of backgrounds access to incredible facilities in a vibrant, purpose-built space packed with engaging activities, the opportunity to make friends, develop new skills, unlock their potential and have fun.

Beyond the amazing building (located on Hyde Road in Gorton), our greatest strength is our team of dedicated and caring youth workers – who are there for young people every day of the week, however they need them. Whether through a conversation, a project, a game or targeted support, HideOut Youth Zone provides life-changing support that helps local young people to thrive.

We believe that young people deserve the best and we won’t settle for giving them anything less.

This is passionate, properly-funded youth provision. A unique partnership between young people and their community, local authorities and private business leadership, and a growing movement of supporters. Together, we believe that all young people need is a chance to discover what they’ve got and where it could take them.


Children and Young People in Manchester are inspired to lead healthy, happy, safe and successful lives.


HideOut Youth Zone provides children and young people with somewhere safe to go, something positive to do and someone trusted to talk to.


Young People First: Young people are at the heart of everything we do, inspiring and challenging us to deliver services that exceed their needs and challenge them to be the best they can be.

Excellence: We encourage ourselves and each other to be the best we can be through continuous learning and improvement and a focus on finding solutions.

Respect: We act with honesty and integrity, celebrating diversity across the whole organisation and caring about each other, our young people and the Youth Zone environment.

Collaborative: We will create and nurture strong, creative partnerships, working together to achieve better results and outcomes for young people.

HideOut Youth Zone is a charity dedicated to providing Manchester's young people with somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to.

Address: HideOut Youth Zone, 1 Queens Avenue, Manchester, M12 5PX


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