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Creating HideOut


HideOut Youth Zone opened in September 2020.

Delivered in partnership with OnSide Youth Zones and Manchester City Council, supported by a number of businesses and philanthropists, who have vested interest in providing opportunities for Manchester’s young people, this is properly funded youth work provision. 

Local businessman, Fred Done, made a personal donation of £6million to help create HideOut Youth Zone, and continues to support us throughout our journey.


In February 2019, young people revealed the new brand identity for their Youth Zone – HideOut.

Working in partnership with the award-winning agency, Forever Agency, young people were tasked to create a name, logo and brand for what we now know as ‘HideOut Youth Zone’

Diverse, together, unique, friendly and confident – these were the vales which young people felt reflected their home city of Manchester and which inspired the creation of HideOut.

After months of working with Forever Agency, the young people’s development group came up with hundreds of potential names, of which three strongest names went to public vote in the local schools. Over 1,600 young people voted on the name of the new Youth Zone.

The development group played a key role in bringing HideOut Youth Zone to life, including designing the look of interior spaces, deciding on the activities to take place at their Youth Zone, acting as ambassadors for their Youth Zone and being involved in interviewing Youth Zone staff.


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