The Thousand Campaign


Our Thousand campaign was born in late 2019. The idea was created by members of HideOut Youth Zone’s Fundraising Committee and one of our Founder Patrons, Houlihan Lokey.

Having learned of the challenges faced by the young people of Manchester, particularly in the neighbourhoods that surround the Youth Zone, the group wanted to create an initiative that could generate regular and consistent funds to enhance and support core funding as well as providing additional layers of enrichment activities or subsidising membership or entrance fees. 

The premise of the campaign is quite simple; by giving £66.66 + Gift Aid (which increases your donation by 25% at no extra cost) each month, your annual contribution will total £1,000 and you become a much valued member of “The Thousand”!

  • £66.66 + Gift Aid (£16.67) = £83.33
  • £83.33 x 12 months = £1,000
It couldn’t be simpler to become a member of HideOut’s innovative new campaign…