Salford Red Devils are delighted to announce a new collaboration and support for HideOut Youth Zone and Salford Youth Zone.

Aiming to enrich the lives of young people and families across Salford and East Manchester, both HideOut Youth Zone and Salford Youth Zone serve as vital sanctuaries for our youth, whilst offering a variety of educational, recreational, and developmental opportunities in areas grappling with high levels of deprivation.

Made possible through the generous funding and vision of esteemed Salford businessman and philanthropist, Fred Done, these purpose-built facilities stand as beacons of hope, providing invaluable resources and support to empower the next generation.

In a demonstration of solidarity, and commitment towards community engagement and social upliftment, Salford Red Devils, in tandem with their sponsors including Argle Northwest Construction, have pledged to extend their support to the youth and families of East Manchester. Through the provision of complimentary tickets and transportation to games, the Red Devils and their sponsors are enabling access to sporting experiences for all.

Adam Farricker, CEO of both HideOut and Salford Youth Zone, shared his enthusiasm, stating;

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our collective efforts to empower young people and transform communities. By joining forces with Salford Red Devils, we are simplifying our impact and creating pathways to success for the youth of Manchester and Salford.

Together, we will harness the power of sport and community engagement to nurture the potential of our young people and build a brighter future for Salford.”

Amanda Coverdale, Senior Philanthropy Manager, emphasised the vital role of businesses in supporting Youth Zones, stating;

“Businesses have a unique opportunity to make a lasting difference by becoming Patrons of Youth Zones. Through their support, businesses not only contribute to the well-being and development of young people but also foster a sense of corporate social responsibility that enriches communities and strengthens our collective future.”

Chris Irwin, Chief Commercial Officer of Salford Red Devils, echoed these sentiments, expressing his anticipation for the transformative impact of the partnership. “The social value and impact of this collaboration is immeasurable, and with it, we see boundless opportunities to cultivate a vibrant fan base while championing the welfare of our community.”

This partnership symbolises a resolute commitment to leveraging the power of sport and community engagement to drive positive change. Together, Salford Red Devils, HideOut Youth Zone, Salford Youth Zone, and Fred Done are poised to redefine the landscape of social impact locally and empower the youth of Salford and East Manchester.