Each month, we will be providing you with the opportunity to get to know our Patrons a little better.

Patrons are a group of individuals and companies united by a determination to give young people in Manchester somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. Patrons form part of an exclusive group who share the vision to transform the lives of thousands of young people in Manchester.

This month, we want to introduce you to The ATPI Group.


Who is ATPI Group?

The ATPI Group provides world-leading travel and events solutions to organisations operating in a variety of specialist sectors around the world. Spanning across several sectors including corporate, sports, marine, energy, mining and entertainment, each specialism is united by the aim to deliver what really matters to every single customer.

Through its network of over 100 worldwide offices in strategically selected locations, the ATPI Group combines specialist experience and deep-rooted expertise with innovative technology to provide the services, savings and security that matter most to our clients.

ATPI is one of the most experienced and long-established travel management companies in the travel industry, with parts of the business trading since 1919.

How do they support HideOut Youth Zone?

ATPI have been a Patron of HideOut since 2019 and have worked closely with us to support wherever possible. This includes a partnership with the famous Belle Vue National Speedway – offering free membership to their supporter club as well as free tickets for members.

They have run numerous appeals such as Winter Woolies and was part of this year’s Easter egg appeal. They support our fundraising balls with prizes and last year donated Peter Kay ticket for our Patron Dinner so we could do a raffle. All proceeds supported our Winter Woolies campaign.

They also volunteer their time to come into the youth zone to directly impact the lives of our children and young people.

We are so proud to have them as a Founder Patron and are looking forward to everything we have planned for this year.

CEO Ian Sinderson was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the ATPI Group in March 2020 and has been a key figure in the youth development of the national team and a new generation of British stars.

Ian Sinderson shared why supporting HideOut is important to him:

“We are so proud to be a Founder Patron of HideOut Youth Zone, they are an amazing asset to the Gorton area and help thousands of people every month. APTI can’t wait to work even closer with the young people of Gorton in 2024, with loads of exciting plans in place for fundraising and events over the next year.

I have had the pleasure of working with HideOut Youth Zone since its inception.”

Find out more: www.atpi.com