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Each month, we will be providing you with the opportunity to get to know our Patrons a little better.

Patrons are a group of individuals and companies united by a determination to give young people in Manchester somewhere safe to go, something positive to do and someone trusted to talk to. Patrons form part of an exclusive group who share the vision to transform the lives of thousands of young people in Manchester.

This month, we want to introduce you to Steve Malone.


Who is Steve Malone?

Steve is the Co-Founder and former Managing Director of Proseal UK. Starting in a small industrial unit in Bollington, Proseal has since grown to become a global leader in tray sealing technology and packaging solutions.

Since launching their first sealer, the PR30 (GTR), in 1998, they have manufactured more than 6000 machines to serve customers across a variety of industries including ready meals, pet foods and soft-skinned fruits.

Proseal was acquired by the US-based JBT Corporation in 2019, further expanding their worldwide reach and network.

They remain committed however to supporting their local community, supporting several charities and funding multiple projects across the North-West area.

Since leaving Proseal, Steve has continued his philanthropy through charitable donations, event sponsorship and aiding awareness campaigns.

How do they support Empower Youth Zones?

A long-time supporter, Steve became a cornerstone patron in 2019 alongside his then business partner Robbie Hargreaves.

He has now committed to renew his patronage with Empower Youth Zones in his own name, donating £100,000 over 2 years to support the growth of the charity and and the new Salford Youth Zone.

Steve also continues to show his support through regular attendance at fundraisers and events, as well as bringing the benefit of his extensive experience and network.

“Having proudly supported Empower since 2019, I have seen first-hand the positive impact HideOut has had on the young people of Manchester. What sets HideOut apart is the incredible team running it and the highly skilled youth workers who deliver a wide range of programmes. These aren’t just fun activities; they provide young people with clear career guidance. Young people deserve to be empowered through opportunities. HideOut’s programmes equip our youth with the tools they need to become positive, contributing members of society. I am delighted to be involved with Empower Youth Zones and consider it an honour to contribute to the next generation.”