HideOut invites members, their families, and supporters to break fast together in first community Iftar.

Friday 22nd April saw HideOut Youth Zone hold its first Iftar event.

HideOut welcomed members of the community, supporters, young people and their families into the Youth Zone to celebrate Ramadan and partake in breaking fast together.

HideOut provided over 100 meals to break the day of fasting with attendees.

Young people were given the opportunity to take part in various activities throughout the night ranging from sports, art and cooking. Activities aimed to help young people understand the history and practice of Ramadan, and to learn and celebrate different cultures and heritage.

Junior and Senior Club members also spoke proudly at the event. Through the means of poetry and reflective written pieces, Mehrunnissa Ali, Shahnawaz Ghori, Hassan Asif and Najma Egal shared what their faith means to them.

Speakers at the event also included community leaders such as: MP for Gorton, Afzal Khan, Councillor Luthfor Rahman, and Chaplain of Manchester Metropolitan University, Mohammed Ullah.

Speaking at the event, Councillor Luthfur Rahman said:

“It’s so important that, whilst we live in one of the most diverse cities in the world – we have communities from all over the world making Manchester their home – that we learn and share different cultures, traditions, experiences, and religious beliefs. Hosting events like community Iftar, and understanding the meaning of that, is so important in creating strong and cohesive communities that give young people the proof that they are supported and can develop a better future for all”.

Also speaking at the event, CEO of HideOut Youth Zone, Adam Farricker, said:

At HideOut we take great pride in creating a safe place for all young people across Manchester to come together and engage in positive and meaningful activities, whatever their background, ability, gender, culture, religion, faith or belief.”

“We ensure that as a community, we identify and celebrate things that make us all different, but also the things that bring us together. That’s what tonight is all about – sharing experiences and learning from our friends, colleagues, and of course, the young people we work with”.

Reflecting on the event, one member said:

When I signed up, I thought that it would be alright, but when I went in, I thought it was my dream come true, I enjoyed it a lot – one of the best things in my life!”

HideOut Youth Zone, which opened its doors to the public in September 2020, now welcomes a membership of over 4,500 young people (April 2022) from across Manchester, including 67% identifying as Black, Asian or from another ethnic minority background.