Family and friends invited to celebrate the end of HideOut’s ten-week boxing project with local boxing club. 

March saw the completion of HideOut Youth Zone’s boxing project, in partnership with the East Manchester local boxing club, Belle Vue ABC.  

The 10-week project ended with eight HideOut boxers going toe-to-toe with members of Belle Vue Amateur Boxing Club in front of their family and friends. 

The project, designed and developed with both the Youth Work team at HideOut, and the Training team at Belle Vue ABC, is an AQA-approved project, meaning HideOut’s young people are provided with the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in the ring, whilst also gaining a recognised accreditation. 

HideOut’s Sports Co-Ordinator, Zoe Reid, said:

“I love these types of projects where you can see the journey young people go through. They start with a simple interest in something, and they finish the project with not only newly developed physical skills, but with transferable skills they can take into their lives outside the projects: ambition, respect and drive”. 

HideOut Youth Zone was announced as an official AQA accredited centre, back in February 2021 and since then has ran around ten different projects leading to young people attaining an AQA accreditation.  

AQA Accreditation: 

AQA schemes offer young people the opportunity to obtain a certificate that formally recognises their achievements upon the completion of a short unit of learning.