HideOut teams up with national charity, Street Doctors, to empower young people to keep themselves safe on the streets. 

HideOut Youth Zone teamed up with national charity, Street Doctors, to deliver a short-term project for young people. 

The project was created to empower young people to become part of the solution to street violence through emergency first-aid provision. 

Street Doctors was set up in 2008 with the aim to upskill young people affected by violence to keep themselves and others safe. Street Doctors support a movement of young healthcare volunteers who train young people with first aid skills to become lifesavers in their communities across the UK 

HideOut Senior Club members (aged 13-19 and up to 25 with additional needs) took part in the 5-day stepwise project which covered topics such as: what to do if someone is bleeding, what to do if someone is knocked out, how to stop a bleeding, and mental health support. 

Following completion of the sessions, members were asked to create their own session for young people based on the topic ‘how to stop bleeding’. Following the creation and development, the group were then required to deliver the session to HideOut’s Junior Club members (ages 8-12 years old). 

Through agreement between Street Doctors and HideOut Youth Zone, the session created by HideOut members will now be delivered across the UK by the Street Doctors team to other young people.  

Additionally, through participation and learning, members attained a Brtish Red Cross Level 3 Qualification in Emergency First Aid, as well as various AQA Accreditations including: 

Deputy Head of Youth Work, Kerin Morris, said: “Big thank you to Street Doctors for choosing HideOut Youth Zone to deliver this stepwise project too. It’s been great to see our young people be actively involved and go on to take a leadership role in upskilling others to keep themselves safe. We hope they will never have to use what they’ve learnt in these sessions, but I am confident that if a scenario ever did arise, these young people are equipped and empowered to do the right thing”. 

Youth Violence is at its highest recorded level since 2012, with the number of victims of violence aged between 10 and 15 rising from 105,000 in March 2020 to 227,000 in the last year. 

HideOut Youth Zone has supported over 7,000 young people since it opened in September 2020, with the vision that all young people are inspired to lead healthy, happy, safe and successful lives. 

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