Monday 7th – Sunday 13th November marks Youth Work Week. The theme of Youth Work Week 2022 is Festival of Youth Work which sets to celebrate Youth Workers and the impact of Youth Work.

To celebrate Youth Work Week, we sat down with two of our Youth Workers, Kiran and Ed.

What is your name and what is your job?

K: Hi, I’m Kiran and I am part of the Rec and Inclusion team at HideOut, but I do a bit of everything

E: My name is Ed, and I work in the music room at HideOut.

What is your job at HideOut?

K: I am part of the Inclusion Team and the Rec Team, which means I am here to support all of our members with additional needs, and anyone who is struggling to get involved. The team is there to support young people and be that first point of call, getting young people involved in activities and making sure they know what is going on in the building, checking in with them, and just building those relationships up.

E: I work in the music room where I teach instruments, I put bands together and I also work in the studio where I help young people record their favourite raps or songs.

Why did you become a Youth Worker?

K: Because I respect the hustle. I respect what a youth worker is and what they do. When I was growing up there was not a lot of youth services around, and it was desperately needed. It’s just something I have always respected.

E: I became a youth worker because I like working with young people and when I came to see HideOut Youth Zone it looked like an amazing place where I’d like to work.

What is your favourite thing about working with young people?

K: Getting to know the different personalities, and seeing young people grow into their personalities and into themselves.

E: I always feel inspired because of the talent I see and the confidence from people so young, it always amazes me.

Did anyone inspire you to become a youth worker, and if so, why?

K: My youth worker when I was a kid, I just loved her. She was just one of those people…you could talk to her about anything, she always wanted to put a smile on your face.

What do you want all young people to know about their futures?

K: That it is up to them what their future looks like. No matter what happens, no matter what they go through, where they come from, what they know or don’t know, the future is never, ever, ever, set in stone.

E: If things seem hard now, if you keep going they will always get better.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to HideOut?

K: Run don’t walk. Do it, don’t think about it. Just get down here.

E: Coming here is definitely better than staring at a screen!

Inspired? Us too. If you want to join us and come along to HideOut Youth Zone, you can become a member by clicking here.