This year we’re celebrating world meditation day which takes place on Sunday 21st May.

At HideOut, we love taking time out to reflect and be in the moment, and we offer Relaxation Clubs throughout the week.

To celebrate world mediation day, we spoke to Senior Inclusion member, Lamar, about what he enjoys about meditation and how he supports Relaxation Club by being a BeeKeeper at HideOut. Lamar is a Beekeeper every Sunday for our Relaxation Club session.

BeeKeepers are members of HideOut who assist the running of activities by supporting youth workers on sessions.

How long have you been a Beekeeper for?

I’ve been a Beekeeper for a very, very long time, since I started coming to HideOut every Sunday.

What is your role as a Beekeeper?

The role that I do is to do some meditation because I’m very good at meditation.

How does meditation make you feel?

Meditation makes me feel calm and relaxed and I always like supporting people with their meditation to calm their thoughts down and then get better thoughts.

Can you talk to me through a normal meditation session?

I set up for the session by taking a lot of mats to the room. After the room is set, I make an announcement on the microphone at the desk at reception and then after that I get on with my session. I choose the theme and get it on the big screen ready for everybody to come and relax.

Do you meditate outside of HideOut?

Yes, yes I do.

After the session, the young people are provided with an open space to talk about how they are feeling and their reflections.

Inclusion Coordinator, Sam Morris, said: “It’s important we provide a space that gives young people the opportunity to have a break from their lives outside of HideOut. It’s a great way to slow down, refocus and talk about the way we’re feeling, and ultimately promote great mental wellbeing”.

If you want to take part in Relaxation Club and join in meditation sessions, you can take a look at our timetable here.

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  1. Well done my grandson I’m very proud of you you know nanna loves to meditate ‍♀️
    It’s very good for your mind & soul
    Well done

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