Join HideOut Youth Zone on 22nd February for our special ‘Be Inspired’ event, where Steve Judge, a Professional Motivational Speaker, will be inspiring our young people and guests to turn their excuses into challenges and motivate them to be the best they can be.

Where: HideOut Youth Zone

When: 22nd February 2022

Who: Young People, Partners & Funders

Time: 5.30pm: Arrivals and food

6.15pm-7.00pm: Main presentation

7.00pm-8.00pm: Activities


About Steve Judge

From Steve Judge’s performance at HideOut Youth Zone, everyone will be inspired to focus on their vision, energised to not lean on their excuses and motivated to turn their excuses into challenges. They will actively take part in a session that will result in everyone realising their dream, seeing their vision, and be empowered to take the direction that will lead them to their GOLD.

On leaving school, Steve worked down the Coal Pit in South Yorkshire as a maintenance fitter. At the age of 28, a devastating car accident left Steve Judge fighting to stay alive and following life saving operations, was subsequently told that he may never walk again. With life saving operations, treatment, and care from the NHS, he was able to progress forward.

Not leaning on his excuses he set goals, turning his excuses into challenges and he eventually learned to stand and walk again. Steve continued his journey which took him from a wheelchair to world champion in the sport of paratriathlon.

Now as a professional speaker, author and resilience coach, Steve’s mission is to share his story so that others can get what they want. He empowers people with the right mindset to go confidently on their journey in the direction of their dreams, their GOLD.  He’s passionate about everyone experiencing the happiness and fulfilment of achieving the life that they have imagined and truly deserve. Steve encourages all progress taken no matter how small or how slow as long as they are moving forward.

By doing all this it ensures that the pain and suffering that Steve has endured will not have been in vain.


Attending the Event

If you are interested in attending the ‘Be Inspired’ event, please fill in the form below with your full name and contact.

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