Book On


At HideOut Youth Zone, we offer the opportunity to book onto sessions or activities to make sure everyone has the chance to enjoy what we offer.


We are bringing back part bookable sessions to Junior Club.

These bookable spaces are aimed at young people who might have after school commitments, or a greater travel distance to get to the Youth Zone.

Bookings will go live on the website at the same time each week:

  • Tuesday sessions will go live on Mondays
  • Thursday sessions will go live on Wednesdays
  • Saturday sessions will go live on Fridays

How will it work?

  • Those who book on sessions will join our ‘Booked On’ queue, whilst those who haven’t booked will join our regular queue system.
  • Those who book onto sessions will need to arrive before 6pm, or your space will automatically be given up.
  • Those who book onto sessions but do not attend more than three times will not be able to book onto another session for one month.


We have introduced bookable activities for our most popular activities at Senior Club.

By doing this, we hope more young people can access the activity they want by making it fair for all.

To see which activities are bookable, please check out our timetable:

When you’re ready to book on to an activity, please click the button below