The Thousand FAQs


Thank you for signing up to HideOut Youth Zone’s ‘The Thousand’!

We are incredibly grateful for your support. We’ve tried to pre-empt any additional information you may need but if there is anything we’ve not covered please do get in touch!

How will my donation be used?

Funds raised through the campaign will be used towards providing the children and young people of Manchester with somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

They’ll help towards the cost of the core provision of fun, engaging and inspiring activities plus create additional opportunities like residentials. Residentials are great for young people to experience life away from home (which will be the first time for many) or to try their hand at something a little different, like canoeing or gorge-walking. The funds from the campaign will always be used for the benefit of children and young people.

Can I sign-up by phone?

Absolutely! We chose the Charities Aid Foundation’s Donate system as it allows us to do the direct debit instruction on your behalf if that’s your preference. Please contact our Business Administration Manager or Finance Assistant on 0161 511 3777 or email for more details.

Now I’ve signed up, what can I expect to receive in return?

Supporters of The Thousand will receive:

– A quarterly update with news of the campaign and tangible examples of how it’s benefiting children and young people

– An invitation to an annual The Thousand event

I forgot to add Gift Aid, can I add it now?

Unfortunately not, you will need to cancel your original direct debit instruction and then create a new one with the Gift Aid box ticked.

How can I change or cancel my monthly direct debit?

Please contact HideOut Youth’s Zone Business Administration Manager or Finance Assistant on 0161 511 3777 or email

Can I choose a different monthly donation amount?

We are incredibly grateful for any support you can give, and every donation is truly appreciated. For this specific campaign your (individual or grouped, see below) monthly donation needs to be in excess of £66.66 plus Gift Aid, or for companies, a minimum of £83.33 per month

Can we split the donation amount between a couple or group?

Yes! The £66.66 + Gift Aid can be split between two people (so £33.33 + Gift Aid each) or three (£22.22 + Gift Aid each). Once each of your direct debits have been setup, please email us ( with the names of each person so that we can link the donations together on our systems.

How can I get more involved in the charity?

There are lots of ways you can help us! Volunteers are absolutely integral to the Youth Zone and underpin many of our services and activities. We’re always looking for help in areas including creative and performing arts, cooking, multi sports, music and media, health & well-being and mixed martial arts.

If you’d like to meet new people, learn new skills, have fun and most importantly, make a difference to young people, please consider signing up as a HideOut Youth Zone volunteer (you can register online here or please contact Paul Lewis, our Volunteer Recruitment & Staff Training Manager on 0161 511 3777 or email

Once the Youth Zone is fully open (which will be late June 2020) the scope of our volunteer opportunities will increase. We would also welcome your ideas on how you would like to get involved, so please give us a call or drop us a note to

HideOut Youth Zone is a charity dedicated to providing Manchester's young people with somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to. Located on Hyde Road in Gorton, HideOut will be a safe, inclusive and vibrant space, providing over 20 fun and engaging activities every evening for thousands of young people.

Address: HideOut Youth Zone, 1 Queens Avenue, Manchester, M12 5PX
Registered Charity Number: 1179712
Company Number: 11309137


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